Product Marketing


Fresh perspective coupled with solid experience and technical expertise ensures a profitable business model, customer satisfaction, rapid time-to-market and minimum product development cost.

Whether you are evaluating an opportunity or are struggling with implementing a new product or service-if your problem is complex-Atelier's product development techniques can help you minimize time-to-market and maximize market receptivity.


Market Requirements Assessment

Atelier uses expert customer interview and analysis techniques to understand the essence of your customers' need and anticipate market requirements. Drawing on experience in six industries, we articulate market needs and assess fit with a client's capabilities in a Market Requirements Document.


Product Strategy

For clients seeking to enter new markets, develop new software products, or introduce business process innovation, Atelier brings a fresh perspective and technical capabilities. Starting with your technical requirements and customer information we use our experience in six industries to create a business model that makes the most of your unique situation. We formulate a bottom-up strategy that will work in the market, then incorporate corporate-level issues to assure smooth execution.


Product Description

From customer input and product strategy, Atelier produces a Product Description Document for a software product or service process. The document clearly defines a functional solution that can be reviewed by customers and implemented by staff or outside developers.


Implementation Planning

Atelier can produce actionable implementation plans, prepare RFPs for solicitation to vendors and assist with reviewing development proposals.


Product Development Methodology Consulting

Atelier will help you implement a best-of-class product development process within your organization.


Opportunity Assessment

Atelier will assess your new market or acquisition opportunity in terms of market potential, technology fit, return and development cost. We identify key success criteria and implementation hurdles.