Business Consulting


Atelier's approach to business planning delivers customer-focused strategies and ensures rapid implementation.


Business Strategy and Business Model Development

Atelier staff have performed over 30 strategy projects for clients in a wide range of businesses. Our strategy development process begins with assessing a company's position with respect to the market, competition, technology and internal capabilities. We use analytical techniques to compare market requirements to company capabilities. Drawing from models for service innovation in several industries, we frame the key elements of a profitable business model, including business proposition, pricing, systems architecture, business processes, resource requirements and implementation plan. This bottom-up approach to strategy development ensures that the strategy is highly specific and can quickly produce tangible results.


Business Process Design

Atelier uses product marketing capabilities to bring a unique "customer" focus to designing business processes and defining business systems requirements. We interview functional managers to characterize core processes in terms of key assumptions and elements that drive efficiency and customer satisfaction. Working from experience with business processes and systems in six industries, we develop methods for coordinating work across functions that minimize cost and optimize the customer interface.

Atelier specializes in defining and enhancing business models and business processes for process- and technology-based services.


System Strategy Development & Requirements Planning

Based on an assessment of a company's business model, Atelier will develop a framework and architecture for evaluating systems alternatives. Atelier has expertise in defining time-phased plans for making incremental changes to existing systems and with defining requirements for integrated systems. If appropriate, Atelier can assist with defining customization requirements in a least-cost fashion.