Systems Design, Implementation, Beta

Program Management, Product Introduction


Design of Manufacturing Ops Management (MRP) SW

Extended the single-location model within Minx Software's integrated business system to support distributed order fulfillment and purchasing applications.


Design of Serial Number Tracking System

Novel serial/lot number tracking features were designed to provide a range of control options for complex bills of materials. These features were added to Minxware, a fully-integrated materials management software product, in record time.


Product Marketing Infrastructure Development

For Minx Software, created and implemented core standard product development processes that brought product to market faster, improved scalability and eased maintenance costs.


Multi-client Software Development Program

Created a process that enabled Minx Software to charge large customers for custom feature enhancements, then incorporate these features into their base commercial product. By coordinating outside contractors with in-house staff, this process resulted in improved standard product and minimized cost. Key customers included Cisco Systems, Harris, and Encore.


Business Information System Design and Development

Directed definition, design and development of over 40 systems development projects at Minx Software. Used a variety of application development tools and implementation methodologies to enhance Sales, Service, Manufacturing, and Financial modules of a commercial integrated business system.


Application Architecture

Designed a 3-tier client/server architecture for the OpenMinx business information system using object-oriented techniques. Managed development of the first application module-customer service-to allow delivery within one year.


Decision Support/Analysis Reporting Tools

Led the design and introduction of a new line of graphical business analysis and decision support tools which access enterprise sales, manufacturing and financial management databases. The new products extended the market for Minx Software's integrated manufacturing system.